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New 'Iridescent' cupcake at Walt Disney World will be a hit on Instagram

(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- If there's one thing Disney food fans can't seem to get enough of, it's cupcakes.Now there's brand-new cupcake to add to your cupcake-till-you're-in-a-food-coma list. It's called the Iridescent and it's available at the California Grill atop Disney's Contemporary Resort. It's as delicious as it is beautiful, and…... Read More

Issa Rae on the worst advice she never took

(NEW YORK) -- “Insecure” creator and star Issa Rae has forged her own path in Hollywood.Forgoing the conventional route often taken by actors dictated by casting directors, agents and producers, Rae created her own show: a web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” which became massively popular and in…... Read More

JetBlue plane crew comes to rescue of dog with oxygen mask for flight

(WORCESTER, Mass.) -- Plane passengers rarely describe air travel as a breath of fresh air, but it was literally that for one family's bulldog on a recent JetBlue flight.The French bulldog, named Darcy, was on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts on Thursday when she started showing signs of distress,…... Read More

Clothing company ASOS introduces 'wheelchair-friendly' jumpsuit

(NEW YORK) -- ASOS is becoming more inclusive than ever before.Earlier this week, the clothing company released a fully waterproof jumpsuit that its website noted has been adapted to be "wheelchair-friendly."Reporter and Paralympic hopeful Chloe Ball-Hopkins collaborated with ASOS on the design, which features a hem that's longer in the…... Read More

Shots fired: U.S.-China trade war begins

(BEIJING) -- After months of threats from President Donald Trump, at 12:01 a.m. Friday a trade war between the world's two largest economies began in earnest.The U.S. started adding 25 percent tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, and China has promised to retaliate in kind. The effects could…... Read More

Facebook blocks, then restores Declaration of Independence post

(WASHINGTON) -- A newspaper serially publishing the Declaration of Independence on social media this week got an unexpected surprise: Facebook had blocked one of the posts.The Liberty County Vindicator, a newspaper in southeastern Texas, had been posting portions of the Declaration on Facebook each day leading up to the Fourth…... Read More

Company fires manager over heartless response to worker saying her son is on life support

(NEW YORK) -- Text messages are notorious for misconstruing tone, but a recent exchange led to one person losing her job.An apparently heartless text response to a request for time off was shared online and led to an investigation and a dismissal.Crystal Reynolds Fisher shared screen grabs of her conversation…... Read More

Delta's new Boeing 777 features broadest seats of any wide-body U.S. airliner

(NEW YORK) -- Some economy-class travelers flying on Delta Air Lines' refurbished Boeing 777s soon will have a bit more room to spread their wings.Delta announced on Monday its "full-fleet interior renovation" of 777s that will increase the width of economy seats to 18.5 inches, the broadest of any dual-aisle…... Read More

A wallet lost in 1970 just turned up, as an amazing 1970 time capsule

(GRESHAM, Ore.) -- A wallet lost in 1970 at a high school turned up during a building demolition at the school - and took its long-lost owner on a trip down memory lane.After a demolition crew came across the wallet - lost 48 years ago - Carrie Henry got a…... Read More

Seattle authorities luring homeless off the streets with plane tickets, rent payments

(SEATTLE) -- It’s been almost three months since homeless tents began to crop up on the streets surrounding Seattle’s famous Space Needle, but now teams of city employees have begun clearing out the encampments near the tourist attraction, after a homeless man recently attacked a tourist visiting the site.It wasn't…... Read More

Secret Service warns of gas pump card skimmers as July 4 travel hits

(NEW  YORK) --  As Fourth of July travel heats up, the U.S. Secret Service is warning motorists, businesses and police of a disturbing surge in criminals’ stealing credit information at gas pumps. Fraudsters are installing a tiny device called a skimmer inside the gas pump. The device copies credit card…... Read More

Trump administration ramps up pressure on Iran's economy

(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration is claiming some early success in its quest to cripple Iran with sanctions in order to drag it back to negotiations and change its behavior, even as it softens its demand on U.S. allies to reduce their Iranian oil imports to zero.Since President Donald Trump…... Read More

Harvey Weinstein could face life sentence for new alleged sex crimes

(NEW YORK) -- A Manhattan grand jury has returned a superseding indictment that charges disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein with additional sex crimes, including one that could land him in prison for life.The new charge of predatory sexual assault suggests prosecutors believe Weinstein engaged in a pattern of criminal sexual…... Read More

Lawsuit charges Halo Top ice cream is cheating customers

(NEW YORK) -- It's marketed as a "guilt-free" pleasure, but a lawsuit charges Halo Top low-calorie ice cream is guilty of one thing: short-scooping customers.Two people from California filed a federal class-action lawsuit charging that Halo Top underfills its pints "dramatically so at times.""Purchasers of the premium-priced ice cream simply…... Read More