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Here's what we know about obstruction of justice

(WASHINGTON) -- With the public release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated and redacted report on Thursday, pundits and politicians were parsing its findings on the question of "obstruction of justice."Obstruction of justice accounts for a federal crime in which someone "corruptly" attempts to “influence, obstruct or impede” the…... Read More

Here's what we know about: Collusion

(WASHINGTON) -- As members of President Donald Trump’s legal team have repeatedly pointed out, the word “collusion,” itself, does not appear in the federal code.The non-legal term, however, defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as, “a secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose,” has come to be used…... Read More

Highlights of Trump's written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller's questions

(WASHINGTON) -- The answers President Donald Trump gave to special counsel Robert Mueller have finally been released as part of the redacted version of the special counsel's report.Trump's willingness to participate in an interview with the special counsel, the topics of the questions and whether that interview would take place…... Read More

'If they had an obstruction case, they would have made it': Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow

(WASHINGTON) -- Providing a snapshot of how the White House is characterizing special counsel Robert Mueller's just-released report, the president’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow told ABC News’ Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on Thursday that the focus should be on the ways he said President Donald Trump was cleared — not…... Read More

2020 candidates slam Attorney General Barr, call on Mueller to testify as report sends ripples through Democratic field

(WASHINGTON) -- Democratic presidential candidates were quick to vent their frustration on Thursday at the conduct of Attorney General William Barr, swiftly called on special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Congress and demanded that the full unredacted report be released to the public.The ire directed at Barr comes after…... Read More

Trump tweets 'Game Over' moments after Barr's news conference on Mueller report

(WASHINGTON) -- Moments after Attorney General William Barr concluded a news conference Thursday morning laying out his interpretation of special counsel Robert Mueller's report ahead of its expected release to Congress and the public, President Donald Trump took to Twitter with a Game of Thrones reference to declare: "Game Over."…... Read More

Attorney General William Barr defends Trump's actions, handling of Mueller report ahead of its release

(WASHINGTON) -- At a news conference Thursday morning ahead of his release of special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report, Attorney General William Barr defended President Donald Trump's actions with regard to possible obstruction of justice as well as his own decision to speak about the report before releasing it.Barr started…... Read More

Legislation to address uptick of veteran suicides at VA facilities

(WASHINGTON) -- A House Democrat is introducing legislation on Thursday aimed at addressing an uptick in veteran suicides at Department of Veteran's Affairs facilities. In five days this month alone, three veterans took their lives at VA facilities, including one who died by suicide in a crowded Austin, Texas, waiting…... Read More

Democrats slam Justice Department over Mueller report release

(WASHINGTON) -- Democrats criticized the Justice Department's handling of special counsel Robert Mueller's 400-page report on the eve of its release, slamming plans to deliver it to Capitol Hill Thursday morning following a news conference from Attorney General William Barr."This is wrong," House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said…... Read More

What the attorney general's words tell us about what's in the Mueller report

(WASHINGTON) -- As Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday did a final review of his redactions to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report before he releases it to the public on Thursday, his past words may provide clues about what he'll disclose.Much attention when the report is released will focus on…... Read More

Mueller report set for Thursday release: 5 things to watch

(WASHINGTON) -- Special counsel Robert Mueller has conducted his nearly two-year investigation shrouded in secrecy, choosing to speak through indictments and court records with few if any leaks despite intense national scrutiny.But on Thursday, the American people will finally have a chance to read Mueller’s findings for themselves. Here are…... Read More

'Unprecedented surge' of families coming to the border is 'overwhelming' immigration system, nonpartisan group says

(WASHINGTON) -- A newly released report by the nonpartisan Homeland Security Advisory Council found that there is an "unprecedented family unit (FMU) migration from Central America is overwhelming our border agencies and our immigration system."The report, released overnight, details the challenges facing families crossing the southern border. The Council "comprises…... Read More

Attorney general orders some asylum seekers to be held without bail

(WASHINGTON) -- As part of the Trump administration's effort to slow migrants from crossing the southern border, Attorney General William Barr has ordered that some of those claiming asylum should be denied bail, meaning they could be stuck behind bars for years, rather than days.Under previous policy, those who seek…... Read More

Trump goes after Sanders' taxes, Fox News appearance

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump, in a trio of tweets Tuesday evening, targeted Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential prospects, tax returns and his Fox News appearance the day before.The Vermont senator released 10 years of his tax returns Monday and called on Trump to do the same during a Fox News…... Read More