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France says it speaks for itself on Iran, reacts to Trump criticism

(PARIS) -- The French Foreign Ministry said Friday that it remains committed to de-escalating tensions around the Iran nuclear deal, and that it has the authority to speak on the issue, following a rebuke from President Trump.The statement followed President Trump's tweets Friday morning that declared Iran "is in serious…... Read More

Fishermen rescue passengers on life raft after plane crashes in the Bahamas

(NEW YORK) -- Three people are not only lucky to survive a plane crash on Thursday, they also have a fishing boat to thank for plucking them out of the Atlantic Ocean.The single-engine plane, with a pilot and two passengers, went down about 20 miles east of Bimini, the westernmost…... Read More

Experts: Asteroid whizzing by Earth this weekend won't come close to impact

(NEW YORK) -- Residents of planet Earth fret not -- a 1,000-foot asteroid whizzing by our planet this weekend won't even come close to making impact. In fact, while asteroid 2006 QQ23 is considered to be a "potentially hazardous asteroid," its passage will be about 5 million miles away from…... Read More

US calls China 'thuggish regime' after Beijing protests diplomat's opposition meeting

(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. accused China of behaving like a "thuggish regime" in a growing spat over the protests in Hong Kong that have seized the territory for weeks now. China has accused Western countries and the U.S. in particular of orchestrating the movement, which protesters deny. But those allegations…... Read More

Altering global diets, food systems could help combat climate change: UN

(NEW YORK) -- A United Nations panel says countries around the world need to adapt food systems to limit climate change, including adopting more sustainable agriculture practices and altering diets to eat less red meat. Agriculture and other uses of land around the world contribute more than 23% of greenhouse…... Read More

US and Canadian military aircraft intercept 2 Russian bombers north of Alaska coast

(WASHINGTON) -- U.S. and Canadian fighter aircraft intercepted two Russian Tu-95 Bear H bombers over the Beaufort Sea north of the Alaskan and Canadian coast on Thursday, according to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).The bombers had entered the Alaskan and Canadian Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ), which extends 200…... Read More

New Zealand's new abortion legislation passes first read in Parliament

(LONDON) — New legislation that would decriminalize abortion in New Zealand passed its first reading in the Parliament with 94 votes to 23 Thursday.The legislation, which was announced on Monday by the Justice Minister Andrew Little, is the first update to New Zealand's abortion law in over 40 years."The biggest…... Read More

Texas couple drowns in Turks and Caicos, teen daughter survives

(HOUSTON) -- A Texas couple drowned in Turks and Caicos while on vacation with their teen daughter, family and friends said.Loved ones identified Irma Barrera, 33, and Roy Perez, 38, as two of the three people who died Monday in the waters of Bambarra Beach.“Yes...they were victims,” Victor Mendieta, a…... Read More

UN: 25% of Earth's ice-free land subject to 'human-induced degradation'

(NEW YORK) -- About one-quarter of all non-ice land on the planet has been subjected to "human-induced degradation," with soil eroding up to 100 times faster than it forms and many natural resources being exploited at rates never before seen, according to the United Nations. "Climate change exacerbates land degradation,…... Read More

Seventeen countries facing water crises, organization says

(NEW YORK) -- Seventeen countries -- home to 25% of the global population -- are facing "extremely high" water stress, according to the The World Resources Institute, a research non-profit. Several drought-stricken places around the world have experienced water crises in recent years, with populated cities like Cape Town, Sao…... Read More

Russian couple threatened with losing their son after bringing him to opposition protest

(MOSCOW) -- Russian prosecutors are seeking to take an infant child away from his parents after they brought him to an opposition protest in Moscow, a move condemned by human rights campaigners who called it part of a broader attempt by authorities to intimidate anti-Kremlin demonstrators. As protesters have gathered…... Read More

Architectural competition to determine fate of Hitler's birthplace, Austria's top court rules

(BERLIN) -- After more than 70 years, the question of what to do with the house in which Adolf Hitler was born is significantly closer to being answered.On Monday, Austria's Supreme Court ruled in favor of the national government, which had been locked in a legal battle with the owner…... Read More

Want to take a rest on Rome's iconic Spanish Steps? It's going to cost you

(ROME) -- People who stop to rest, roll a suitcase or otherwise loiter on Rome's 18th-century Spanish Steps could now face fines of up to $448.Police have been patrolling the iconic World Heritage site, and blowing their whistles at anyone who takes a seat, since Tuesday, local media reported. According…... Read More

Fossils of world's largest parrot discovered

(NEW YORK) -- The fossils of a parrot that was the size of a small child and with an appetite so voracious it may have eaten other parrots have been discovered. The bird, named Heracles inexpectatus, stood at 3 feet tall and weighed around 15.4 pounds when it roamed the…... Read More