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HS Sports Schedule & Podcasts



2016-2017 Champion Club

2016-2017 Touchdown Club

2016-2017 Sports Booster Club

  • Allo Communications
  • Americo Carriers
  • Cawley’s Repair
  • Century Lumber
  • Connecting Point/Copier Connection
  • Elite Physical Therapy & Wellness
  • JG Elliott Insurance
  • McDonald’s
  • Platte Valley Bank
  • The Roots Styling Salon
  • Sonny’s Bike & Fitness
  • TeamMates of Nebraska
  • Winkler Electric
  • Wholesale Motive

2016-17 High School Sports Schedule

KNEB is your trusted voice for sports. Here is the 2015-16 broadcast schedule for High School Sports on KNEB 960 AM, 94.1 The Brand, The Beet at, and (All games are streamed live on After the game is over, a link to a podcast of the game will be available, where you can listen or watch to it anytime - presented by First State Bank of Scottsbluff & Gering.
DateSportGameAir TimeStation
08/25/2016SoftballGering at Scottsbluff (DH)4:45 PMPodcast
08/26/2016FootballSouth Loup at Hemingford 2:15 PMPodcast
08/26/2016FootballGering at Northwest5:15 PMPodcast
08/26/2016FootballHastings at Scottsbluff6:15 PMPodcast
08/30/2016SoftballChadron at Scottsbluff5:45 PM Podcast
09/01/2016HS VolleyballAlliance at Scottsbluff6:45 PM Podcast
09/02/2016HS FootballGordon-Rushville at Kimball5:15 PM Podcast
09/02/2016HS FootballScottsbluff at Holdrege5:15 PM Podcast
09/02/2016HS FootballMcCook at Gering6:15 PM Podcast
09/06/2016SoftballChadron at Gering5:45 PM Podcast
09/08/2016VolleyballChadron at Gering5:45 PM Podcast
09/09/2016HS FootballGering at Hastings5:15 PM Podcast
09/09/2016HS FootballKimball at Mitchell6:15 PM Podcast
09/09/2016HS FootballLexington at Scottsbluff6:15 PM Podcast
09/13/2016SoftballChase County at Gering4:15 PM Podcast
9/13/2016HS VolleyballGering at Scottsbluff6:15 PM Podcast
9/16/2016HS FootballScottsbluff at Aurora5:15 PM Podcast
9/16/2016HS FootballSouthern Valley at Bayard5:15 PM Podcast
9/16/2016HS FootballGering at Chadron6:15 PM Podcast
9/20/2016HS VolleballCheyenne South at Scottsbluff5:45 PM Podcast
09/22/2016HS VolleballScottsbluff at Chadron5:45 PM Podcast
09/23/2016HS FootballAurora at Gering6:15 PM Podcast
09/23/2016HS FootballNorthwest at Scottsbluff6:15 PM Podcast
09/27/2016HS VolleyballScottsbluff at Sidney6:45 PM Podcast
09/30/2016HS FootballGering at Lexington5:15 PM Podcast
09/30/2016HS FootballNorth Platte St. Pats at Bayard5:15 PM Podcast
09/30/2016HS FootballScottsbluff at McCook5:15 PM Podcast
10/04/2016HS VolleyballAlliance at Gering6:45 PM Podcast
10/06/2016HS VolleyballChadron at Scottsbluff5:45 PM Podcast
10/07/2016HS FootballGering at Scottsbluff5:15 PM Podcast
10/07/2016HS FootballKimball at Bayard6:15 PM Podcast
10/14/2016HS FootballAlliance at Gering6:15 PM Podcast
10/14/2016HS FootballChadron at Mitchell6:15 PM Podcast
10/14/2016HS FootballScottsbluff at Sidney6:15 PM Podcast
10/18/2016HS VolleyballScottsbluff at Alliance6:45 PM Podcast
10/21/2016HS FootballHershey at Bayard5:15 PM Podcast
10/21/2016HS FootballAlliance at Scottsbluff6:15 PM Podcast
10/21/2016HS FootballSidney at Gering6:15 PM Podcast
10/25/2016HS VolleyballGering at Ogallala5:45 PM Podcast
10/27/2016HS FootballAlma at Hemingford
Class D-1 Playoffs 1st Round
1:45 PM Podcast
10/28/2016HS FootballBlair at Scottsbluff
Class B Playoffs 1st Round
5:15 PM Podcast
11/1/2016HS VolleyballScottsbluff vs Sidney
Class B-8 Sub District
2:45 PM Podcast
11/1/2016 HS VolleyballGering vs Alliance
Class B-8 Sub-District
4:15 PM Podcast
12/1/2016HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff at Mitchell5:15 PM Podcast
12/1/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at Mitchell7:15 PM Podcast
12/1/2016HS Basketball GirlsSterling at Gering5;15 PM Podcast
12/1/2016HS Basketball BoysSterling at Gering7:15 PM Podcast
12/2/2016HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs Greeley West Western Conference Tourney3:15 PM Podcast
12/2/2016HS Basketball GirlsGering vs Chadron
Western Conference Tourney
4:45 PM Podcast
12/2/2106HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Sidney
Western Conference Tourney
6:15 PM Podcast
12/2/2016HS Basketball BoysGering vs Chadron7:45 PM Podcast
12/3/2016HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs Gering
Western Conference Tourney - 5th Place
2:15 PM Podcast
12/3/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Alliance
Western Conference Tourney Championship Game
4:00 PM Podcast
12/8/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Natrona County
Re/Max Camel Trounament
4:00 PM Podcast
12/8/2016HS Basketball GirlsGering at Mitchell5:45 PM Podcast
12/8/2016HS Basketball BoysGering at Mitchell7:15 PM Podcast
12/9/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Rapid City Central
Re/Max Camel Tournament
9:00 AM Podcast
12/9/2016HS Basketball GirlsAlliance at Gering5:15 PM Podcast
12/9/2016HS Basketball BoysAlliance at Gering7:15 PM Podcast
12/9/2016HS Basketball GirlsPerkins County at Kimball5:15 PM Podcast
12/9/2016HS Basketball BoysPerkins County at Kimball7:15 PM Podcast
12/10/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Campbell County
Re/Max Camel Trounament
8:00 PM Podcast
12/13/2016HS Basketball GirlsWheatland at Gering5:45 PM Podcast
12/13/2016HS Basketball BoysWheatland at Gering7:45 PM Podcast
12/19/2016HS Basketball GirlsGering at Chadron5:15 PM Podcast
12/19/2016HS Basketball BoysGering at Chadron7:15 PM Podcast
12/20/2016HS Basketball GirlsMitchell at Scottsbluff5:15 PM Podcast
12/20/2016HS Basketball BoysDouglas at Scottsbluff6:45 pM Podcast
12/28/2016HS Basketball GirlsGering vs Buffalo1:45 PM Podcast
12/28/2016HS Basketball BoysGering Vs Buffalo3:15 PM Podcast
12/28/2016HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs Columbus4:15 PM Podcast
12/28/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs North Platte6:00 PM Podcast
12/29/2016HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs McCook12:45 PM Podcast
12/29/2016HS Basketball GirlsGering vs Chase County1:45 PM Podcast
12/29/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Kearney2:30 PM Podcast
12/29/2016HS Basketball BoysGering vs Cheyenne South3:30 PM Podcast
12/30/2016HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs Lexington8:45 AM Podcast
12/30/2016HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Columbus10:30 AM Podcast
12/30/2016HS Basketball GirlsGering vs Sidney1:15 PM Podcast
12/30/2016HS Basketball BoysGering vs Gothenburg3:00 PM Podcast
1/3/2017HS Basketball GirlsMitchell vs Bayard4:45 PM Podcast
1/3/2017HS Basketball BoysMitchell vs Bayard7:00 PM Podcast
1/6/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs Alliance4:45 PM Podcast
1/6/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Alliance7:00 PM Podcast
1/6/2017HS Basketball GirlsGering vs Sidney5:15 PM Podcast
1/6/2017HS Basketball Boys Gering vs Sidney7:15 PM Podcast
1/10/2017HS Basketball GirlsBayard at Morrill5:15 PM Podcast
1/10/2017HS Basketball BoysBayard at Morrill7:15 PM Podcast
1/10/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff at Gering6:45 PM Podcast
1/12/2017HS Basketball GirlsTorrington at Mitchell5:45 PM Podcast
1/12/2017HS Basketball BoysTorrington at Mitchell7:15 PM Podcast
1/13/2017HS Basketball GirlsCheyenne East at Scottsbluff5:15 PM Podcast
1/13/2017HS Basketball BoysCheyenne East at Scottsbluff7:15 PM Podcast
1/13/2017HS Basketball GirlsGering at Wheatland5:15 PM Podcast
1/13/2017HS Basketball BoysGering at Wheatland7:15 PM Podcast
1/14/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff at Cheyenne Central3;15 PM Podcast
1/14/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at Cheyenne Central5:15 PM Podcast
1/14/2017HS Basketball BoysCasper Kelley Walsh at Gering4:45 PM Podcast
1/17/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff at Chadron5:15 PM Podcast
1/17/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at Chadron7:15 PM Podcast
1/20/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff at Sidney5:15 PM Podcast
1/20/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at Sidney7:15 PM Podcast
1/21/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at Gering6:45 PM Podcast
1/27/2017HS Basketball GirlsGordon-Rushville at Mitchell4:45 PM Podcast
1/27/2017HS Basketball BoysGordon-Rushville at Mitchell6:45 PM Podcast
1/27/2017HS Basketball GirlsGering at Alliance5:15 PM Podcast
1/27/2017HS Basketball BoysGering at Alliance7:15 PM Podcast
1/28/2017HS Basketball GirlsBridgeport at Bayard3:15 PM Podcast
1/28/2017HS Basketball BoysBridgeport at Bayard5:15 PM Podcast
1/28/2017HS Basketball GirlsRapid City Stevens at Scottsbluff1:45 PM Podcast
1/28/2017HS Basketball BoysRapid City Stevens at Scottsbluff4:00 PM Podcast
1/31/2017HS Basketball GirlsGering at Ogallala4:45 PM Podcast
1/31/2017HS Basketball BoysGering at Ogallala6:45 PM Podcast
1/31/2017HS Basketball GirlsMitchell at Southeast, WY4:45 PM Podcast
1/31/2017HS Basketball BoysMitchell at Southeast, Wy6:45 PM Podcast
2/3/2017HS Basketball GirlsAlliance at Scottsbluff5:15 PM Podcast
2/3/2017HS Basketball BoysAlliance at Scottsbluff7:00 PM Podcast
2/3/2017HS Basketball GirlsGering at Sidney5:15 PM Podcast
2/3/2017HS Basketball BoysGering at Sidney7:00 PM Podcast
2/4/2017HS Basketball GirlsSidney at Scottsbluff3:15 PM Podcast
2/4/2017HS Basketball BoysSidney at Scottsbluff5:00 PM Podcast
2/9/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at McCook5:45 PM Podcast
2/10/2017HS Basketball BoysGering at McCook5:45 PM Podcast
2/10/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at North Platte5:45 PM Podcast
2/11/2017HS Basketball BoysGering at North Platte11:15 AM Podcast
2/11/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at Lexington11:15 AM Podcast
2/14/2017HS Basketball GirlsHemingford vs Perkins County5:15 PM Podcast
2/14/2017HS Basketball GirlsMitchell vs Bridgeport5:15 PM Podcast
2/14/2017HS Basketball GirlsKimball vs Bayard6:45 PM Podcast
2/16/2017HS Basketball GirlsHemingford vs Kimball5:45 PM Podcast
2/16/2017HS Basketball GirlsMitchell vs Gordon-Rushville6:45 PM Podcast
2/17/2017HS Basketball GirlsGering at Scottsbluff5:15PM Podcast
2/17/2017HS Basketball BoysGering at Scottsbluff7:00 PM Podcast
2/18/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff at Rapid City Central3:15 PM Podcast
2/18/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff at Rapid City Central5:00 PM Podcast
2/21/2017HS Basketball BoysKimball vs Bayard5:15 PM Podcast
2/21/2017HS Basketball Boys Mitchell vs Gordon-Rushville5:15 PM Podcast
2/21/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs McCook5:45 PM Podcast
2/21/2017HS Basketball BoysBridgeport vs Chadron6:45 PM Podcast
2/21/2017HS Basketball BoysHemingford vs Perkins County6:45 PM Podcast
2/22/2017HS Basketball GirlsScottsbluff vs Sidney
B-6 Districts
4:45 PM Podcast
2/22/2017HS Basketball GirlsGering vs Alliance6:15 PM Podcast
2/24/2017HS Basketball BoysKimball vs Perkins County4:45 PM Podcast
2/24/2017HS Basketball GirlsMitchell vs Chase County7:15 PM Podcast
2/25/2017HS Basketball GirlsHemingford vs Cambridge12:45 PM Podcast
2/27/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs McCook4:45 PM Podcast
2/27/2017HS Basketball BoysGering vs Alliance6:15 PM Podcast
2/28/2017HS Basketball BoysB-6 District Final5:45 PM Podcast
3/2/2017HS Basketball GirlsMitchell Vs ORd9:30 AM Podcast
3/9/2018HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Crete
State Tournament
6:45 PM Podcast
3/10/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Aurora
State Tournament
2:30 PM Podcast
3/11/2017HS Basketball BoysScottsbluff vs Gretna
State Tournament
11:45 AM Podcast

Click here to see our entire Sports Broadcast Calendar.


2015-16 High School Sports Schedule

KNEB is your trusted voice for sports. Here is the 2015-16 broadcast schedule for High School Sports on KNEB 960 AM, 94.1 The Brand, and The Beet at (All games are streamed live on After the game is over, a link to a podcast of the game will be available, where you can listen to it anytime - presented by First State Bank of Scottsbluff & Gering.
DateSportGameAir TimeStation
08/27/2015SoftballGering at Scottsbluff (Doubleheader)4:45 PMPodcast
08/28/2015FootballMitchell at Bayard6:45 PMPodcast
08/28/2015FootballLexington at Scottsbluff6:30 PMPodcast
08/28/2015FootballHastings at Gering6:30 PMPodcast
08/29/2015FootballSoutheast, WY at Bridgeport5:45 PMPodcast
09/01/2015SoftballAlliance at Gering5:45 PMPodcast
09/03/2015VolleyballAlliance at Scottsbluff5:45 PMPodcast
09/04/2015FootballChadron at Gering6:30 PMPodcast
09/04/2015FootballGothenburg at Mitchell6:15 PMPodcast
09/04/2015FootballScottsbluff at Hastings5:30 PMPodcast
09/08/2015SoftballScottsbluff at Alliance5:45 PMPodcast
09/10/2015VolleyballGering at Chadron5:45 PMPodcast
09/11/2015FootballScottsbluff at McCook5:30 PMPodcast
09/11/2015FootballGering at Lexington5:30 PMPodcast
09/11/2015FootballMitchell at Kimball6:45 PMPodcast
09/15/2015VolleyballScottsbuff at Gering6:15 PMPodcast
09/17/2015SoftballScottsbluff at Gering6:45 PMPostponed to 10/1/2015
09/18/2015FootballSouth Loup at Hemingford2:45 PMPodcast
09/18/2015FootballNorthwest at Gering6:30 PMPodcast
09/18/2015FootballAdams Central at Scottsbluff6:30 PMPodcast
09/22/2015SoftballAlliance at Scottsbluff5:45 PMPodcast
09/24/2015VolleyballChadron at Scottsbluff5:45 PMPodcast
09/25/2015FootballGering at Adams Central5:30 PMPodcast
09/25/2015FootballBayard at Kimball6:45 PMPodcast
09/25/2015FootballScottsbluff at Northwest4:30 PMPodcast
09/29/2015SoftballChadron at Scottsbluff5:45 PMPodcast
10/01/2015SoftballScottsbluff at Gering
(Rescheduled from 9/17)
6:45 PMPodcast
10/02/2015FootballMinatare at Banner County6:45 PMGame Cancelled (Forfeit)
10/02/2015FootballAurora at Scottsbluff5:30 PMPodcast
10/02/2015FootballMcCook at Gering6:30 PMPodcast
10/02/2015FootballHemingford at Morrill6:45 PMPodcast
10/06/2015VolleyballGering at Alliance6:45 PMPodcast
10/08/2015VolleyballScottsbluff at Chadron5:45 PMPodcast
10/09/2015FootballHershey at Bridgeport6:45 PMPodcast
10/09/2015FootballGering at Alliance6:30 PMPodcast
10/09/2015FootballSidney at Scottsbluff6:30 PMPodcast
10/15/2015VolleyballGering at Scottsbluff6:15 PMPodcast
10/16/2015FootballScottsbluff at Gering6:30 PMPodcast
10/16/2015FootballBridgeport at Bayard6:45 PMPodcast
10/20/2015VolleyballScottsbluff at Alliance6:45 PMPodcast
10/22/2015VolleyballGering at Bridgeport6:45 PMPodcast
10/23/2015FootballKimball at Bridgeport6:45 PMPodcast
10/23/2015FootballAlliance at Scottsbluff6:30 PMPodcast
10/23/2015FootballGering at Sidney6:30 PMPodcast
10/27/2015VolleyballOgallala at Gering5:45 PMPodcast
10/29/2015FootballSouth Loup at Hemingford
(Class D1 First Round)
12:45 PMPodcast
10/30/2015FootballBridgeport at Gibbon
(Class C2 First Round)
12:45 PMPodcast
10/30/2015FootballScottsbluff at Gretna
(Class B First Round)
3:45 PMPodcast
11/03/2015VolleyballScottsbluff vs. Sidney
(B-8 District at Sidney)
3:45 PMPodcast
11/03/2015VolleyballGering vs. Alliance
(B-6 District at Sidney)
5:15 PMPodcast
11/03/2015VolleyballGering vs. Sidney
(B-6 District Championship Game at Sidney)
6:45 PMPodcast
11/04/2015FootballElgin Pubic/Pope John at Hemingford12:45 PMPodcast
12/03/2015Girls BasketballGreeley West at Scottsbluff (Western Conf. Tournament)5:15 PMPodcast
12/03/2015Girls BasketballOmaha Gross at Gering (Western Conference Tourney)5:15 PMPodcast
12/03/2015Boys BasketballGreeley West at Scottsbluff (Western Conf. Tournament)6:45 PMPodcast
12/03/2015Boys BasketballOmaha Gross at Gering (Western Conference Tourney)6:45 PMPodcast
12/04/2015Girls BasketballGering vs. Alliance (Western Conference Tournament)3:15 PMPodcast
12/04/2015Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. Chadron (Western Conference Tournament)4:45 PMPodcast
12/04/2015Girls BasketballLeyton at Bayard (Bayard Tournament)5:15 PMPodcast
12/04/2015Boys BasketballGering vs. Sidney (Western Conference Tournament)6:15 PMPodcast
12/04/2015Boys BasketballLeyton at Bayard (Bayard Tournament)6:45 PMPodcast
12/04/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Mitchell (Western Conference Tournament)7:45 PMPodcast
12/05/2015Girls BasketballGering vs. Greeley West (Western Conference Tourney) - 7th Place Game9:45 AMPodcast
12/05/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Alliance (Western Conference Tourney) - 5th Place Game11:15 AMPodcast
12/05/2015Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. Sidney (Western Conference Tourney) - 3rd Place Game12:45 PMPodcast
12/05/2015Boys BasketballGering vs. Chadron (Western Conference Tourney) - 3rd Place Game2:15 PMPodcast
12/05/2015Girls BasketballBridgeport vs. Leyton (Bayard Tournament) - Championship Game3:45 PMPodcast
12/05/2015Boys BasketballBridgeport vs. Leyton (Bayard Tournament) - Championship Game5:15 PMPodcast
12/10/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Casper Natrona (Gillette Tournament)9:00 AMPodcast
12/10/2015Girls BasketballMitchell at Gering5:15 PMPodcast
12/10/2015Boys BasketballMitchell at Gering6:45 PMPodcast
12/11/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Rock Springs (Gillette Tournament)4:00 PMPodcast
12/11/2015Girls BasketballGering at Alliance5:15 PMPodcast
12/11/2015Girls BasketballBridgeport at Bayard5:15 PMPodcast
12/11/2015Boys BasketballGering at Alliance6:45 PMPodcast
12/11/2015Boys BasketballBridgeport at Bayard6:45 PMPodcast
12/12/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Cheyenne East (Gillette Tournament)4:00 PMPodcast
12/15/2015Girls BasketballGering at Bridgeport5:15 PMPostponed to 12/21/2015
12/15/2015Boys BasketballGering at Bridgeport6:45 PMPostponed to 12/21/2015
12/18/2015Girls BasketballBridgeport at Hemingford4:45 PMPodcast
12/18/2015Girls BasketballChadron at Scottsbluff5:15 PMPodcast
12/18/2015Boys BasketballBridgeport at Hemingfrod6:15 PMPodcast
12/18/2015Boys BasketballChadron at Scottsbluff6:45 PMPodcast
12/19/2015Girls BasketballMorrill at Mitchell3:45 PMPodcast
12/19/2015Boys BasketballMorrill at Mitchell5:15 PMPodcast
12/19/2015Girls BasketballGering at Chadron5:15 PMPodcast
12/19/2015Boys BasketballGering at Chadron6:45 PMPodcast
12/21/2015Girls BasketballGering at Bridgeport4:45 PMPodcast
12/21/2015Boys BasketballGering at Bridgeport6:15 PMPodcast
12/28/2015Girls BasketballGering vs. Gothenburg (Cabela's Holiday Tournament)5:15 PMPodcast
12/28/2015Boys BasketballGering vs. Gothenburg (Cabela's Holiday Tournament)7:00 PMPodcast
12/28/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Columbus (GNAC Tournament)2:30 PMPodcast
12/28/2015Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. Columbus (GNAC Tournament)4:15 PMPodcast
12/29/2015Girls BasketballGering vs. Wheatland (Cabela's Holiday Tournament)1:45 PMPodcast
12/29/2015Boys BasketballGering vs. Wheatland County (Cabela's Holiday Tournament)3:30 PMPodcast
12/29/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Kearney (GNAC Tournament)2:30 PMPodcast
12/29/2015Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. North Platte (GNAC Tournament)4:15 PMPodcast
12/30/2015Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. Lexington (GNAC Tournament - 7th Place)8:45 AMPodcast
12/30/2015Girls BasketballGering vs. Laramie (Cabela's Tourney Championship Game)1:15 PMPodcast
12/30/2015Boys BasketballGering vs. Sidney (Cabela's Tourney Championship Game)3:00 PMPodcast
12/30/2015Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Norfolk (GNAC Tournament Championship Game)2:00 PMPodcast
01/05/2016Girls BasketballBayard at Mitchell5:15 PMPodcast
01/05/2016Boys BasketballBayard at Mitchell6:45 PMPodcast
01/08/2016Girls BasketballGering at Sidney5:15 PMPodcast
01/08/2016Boys BasketballGering at Sidney6:45 PMPodcast
01/08/2016Boys BasketballAlliance at Scottsbluff6:45 PMPodcast
01/12/2016Girls BasketballGering at Scottsbluff6:45 PMPodcast
01/14/2016Girls BasketballCheyenne East at Gering6:45 PMPodcast
01/15/2016Girls BasketballBridgeport at Kimball5:15 PMPodcast
01/15/2016Girls BasketballScottsbluff at Cheyenne East5:45 PMPodcast
01/15/2016Boys BasketballBridgeport at Kimball6:45 PMPodcast
01/15/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff at Cheyenne East7:15 PMPodcast
01/16/2016Girls BasketballGordon-Rushville at Kimball3:15 PMPodcast
01/16/2016Girls BasketballCheyenne Central at Scottsbluff3:15 PMPodcast
01/16/2016Boys BasketballGordon-Rushville at Kimball4:45 PMPodcast
01/16/2016Boys BasketballCheyenne Central at Scottsbluff4:45 PMPodcast
01/16/2016Boys BasketballGering at Casper Kelly Walsh4:45 PMPodcast
01/22/2016Girls BasketballChadron at Gering5:15 PMPodcast
01/22/2016Boys BasketballChadron at Gering6:45 PMPodcast
01/22/2016Boys BasketballSidney at Scottsbluff6:45 PMPodcast
01/23/2016Girls BasketballKimball vs. North Platte St Pats
(SPVA Championship Game)
4:45 PMPodcast
01/23/2016Boys BasketballBridgeport vs. Perkins County
(SPVA Championship Game)
6:15 PMPodcast
01/23/2016Boys BasketballGering at Scottsbluff6:45 PMPodcast
01/26/2016Girls BasketballGering at Torrington6:15 PMPodcast
01/26/2016Boys BasketballGering at Torrington7:45 PMPodcast
01/29/2016Girls BasketballChase County at Bridgeport4:45 PMPodcast
01/29/2016Girls BasketballAlliance at Gering5:15 PMPodcast
01/29/2016Boys BasketballChase County at Bridgeport6:15 PMPodcast
01/29/2016Boys BasketballAlliance at Gering6:45 PMPodcast
01/30/2016Girls BasketballScottsbluff at Rapid City Stevens3:15 PMPodcast
01/30/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff at Rapid City Stevens4:45 PMPodcast
01/30/2016Girls BasketballKimball at North Platte St Pats5:15 PMPodcast
01/30/2016Boys BasketballKimball at North Platte St Pats6:45 PMPodcast
02/02/2016Girls BasketballOgallala at Gering4:45 PMCancelled
02/02/2016Boys BasketballOgallala at Gering6:15 PMPostponed to 2/8/2016
02/05/2016Girls BasketballMinatare at Sioux County6:45 PMPodcast
02/05/2016Girls BasketballSidney at Gering5:15 PMPodcast
02/05/2016Boys BasketballSidney at Gering6:45 PMPodcast
02/05/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff at Alliance6:45 PMPodcast
02/06/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff at Sidney6:45 PMPodcast
02/06/2016Girls BasketballSidney at Scottsbluff6:45 PMPodcast
02/08/2016Boys BasketballOgallala at Gering
(Rescheduled from 2/5)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/09/2016Girls BasketballHemingford at Morrill5:15 PMPodcast
02/09/2016Boys BasketballHemingford at Morrill6:45 PMPodcast
02/11/2016Boys BasketballLexington at Scottsbluff
(East/West Shootout)
6:45 PMPodcast
02/11/2016Boys BasketballNorth Platte at Gering
(East/West Shootout)
6:45 PMPodcast
02/12/2016Boys BasketballMcCook at Scottsbluff
(East/West Shootout)
6:45 PMPodcast
02/12/2016Boys BasketballLexington at Gering
(East/West Shootout)
6:45 PMPodcast
02/13/2016Boys BasketballNorth Platte at Scottsbluff
(East/West Shootout)
12:15 PMPodcast
02/13/2016Boys BasketballMcCook at Gering
(East/West Shootout)
12:15 PMPodcast
02/15/2016Girls BasketballBayard vs. Perkins County
(C2-12 Sub District at Sidney)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/16/2016Girls BasketballHemingford vs. Bayard
(C2-12 Sub-District at Sidney)
5:15 PMPodcast
02/16/2016Girls BasketballBridgeport vs. Sutherland
(C2-12 Sub-District at Sidney)
6:45 PMPodcast
02/16/2016Girls BasketballMitchell vs. Kimball
(C1-12 Sub-District at Sidney)
7:15 PMPodcast
02/18/2016Girls BasketballHemingford vs. Bridgeport winner
(C2-12 Sub-District at Sidney)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/18/2016Girls BasketballMitchell vs. Chadron winner
(C1-12 Sub-District at Gering)
6:45 PMPodcast
02/19/2016Girls BasketballScottsbluff at Gering5:15 PMPodcast
02/19/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff at Gering6:45 PMPodcast
02/20/2016Girls BasketballRapid City Central at Scottsbluff3:15 PMPodcast
02/20/2016Boys BasketballRapid City Central at Scottsbluff5:45 PMPodcast
02/22/2016Boys BasketballBayard vs. Sutherland
(C2-12 Sub District at Sidney)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/23/2016Boys BasketballBridgeport vs. Sutherland (C2-12 Sub District at Sidney)5:15 PMPodcast
02/23/2016Boys BasketballGordon-Rushville vs. Mitchell
(C1-12 Sub-District at Alliance)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/23/2016Girls BasketballGering at Scottsbluff
(B-6 District at Scottsbluff)
6:15 PMPodcast
02/23/2016Boys BasketballHemingford vs. Perkins County
(C2-12 Sub-District at Sidney)
6:45 PMPodcast
02/23/2016Boys BasketballKimball vs. Chadron
(C1-12 Sub-District at Alliance)
7:15 PMPodcast
02/25/2016Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. Sidney
(B-6 District at Ogallala)
4:45 PMPodcast
02/25/2016Boys BasketballBridgeport vs. Perkins County
(C2-12 Sub-District at Sidney)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/26/2016Girls BasketballHemingford vs. Ravenna
(C2-6 District Final at Sutherland)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/26/2016Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. Alliance
(B-6 District at Ogallala)
5:45 PMPodcast
02/26/2016Girls BasketballMitchell vs. Hershey
(C1-6 District Final at Bridgeport)
6:15 PMPodcast
02/27/2016Boys BasketballGering vs. McCook
(B-6 District at Ogallala)
2:45 PMPodcast
02/29/2016Boys BasketballBridgeport vs. Amherst
(C2-6 District Final at North Platte)
6:15 PMPodcast
02/29/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Gering
(B-6 District at Ogallala)
4:45 PMPodcast
03/01/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. Sidney
(B-6 District Final at Ogallala)
5:45 PMPodcast
03/03/2016Girls BasketballScottsbluff vs. Platteview
(Class B State Tournament at Pinnacle Bank Arena)
7:45 AMPodcast
03/03/2016Girls BasketballMitchell vs. Lincoln Christian
(Class C1 State Tournament at Devaney Sports Center)
9:30 AMPodcast
03/03/2016Girls BasketballHemingford vs. Superior
(Class C2 State Tournament at Lincoln Southwest)
2:30 PMPodcast
03/10/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff vs. TBA
(Class B State Tournament at Pinnacle Bank Arena or Devaney Sports Center)
5:45 PM
03/11/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff (if wins) vs. TBA
(Class B State Tournament at Pinnacle Bank Arena)
2:30 PMPodcast
03/12/2016Boys BasketballScottsbluff (if playing) vs. TBA
(Class B State Championship at Pinnacle Bank Arena)
11:45 AMPodcast
05/21/2016Legion BaseballCheyenne at Westco4:45 PMPodcast
05/21/2016Legion BaseballNorth Platte At Westco11:45 AMPodcast
05/24/2016Legion BaseballChadron at Platte Valley Companies6:45 PMPodcast
05/28/2016Legion BaseballWheatland at Westco9:45 AMPodcast
05/28/2016Legion BaseballDouglas at Westco7:45 PMPodcast
05/29/2016Legion BaseballChappell at Westco9:45 AMPodcast
05/29/2016Legion BaseballCheyenne at Westco7:45 PMPodcast
06/02/2016Legion BaseballLaramie at Platte Valley Companies (DH)3:45 PMPodcast
06/04/2016Football - All Star GameShrine Bowl of Nebraska12:50 PMPodcast
06/04/2016Boys BasketballPanhandle Prep All Star5:15 PMPodcast
06/04/2016Girls BasketballPanhandle Prep All Star5:15 PMPodcast
06/11/2016Football All StarWest Nebraska All Star6:45 PMPodcast
6/11/2016Volleyball All StarWest Nebraska All Star1:45 PMPodcast
06/21/2016Legion BaseballAlliance at Platte Valley Companies6:45 PMPodcast
06/23/2016Legion BaseballWestco at Sidney7:15 PMPodcast
06/29/2016Legion BaseballPlatte Valley Companies at Westco7:15 PMPodcast
07/01/2016Legion BaseballBridgeport at Platte Valley Companies6:45 PMPodcast
07/06/2016Legion BaseballBridgeport at Westco7:15 PMPodcast
07/11/2016Legion BaseballPlatte Valley Companies at Laramie (DH)2:45 PMPodcast
07/12/2016Legion BaseballWestco at Cheyenne5:45 PMPodcast
07/16/2016Legion BaseballWestco Vs. Kearney A7 Area Tournament at Hastings1:45 PMPodcast
07/17/2016Legion BaseballWestco vs Lexington A7 Area Tournament1:45 PMPodcast
07/18/2016Legion BaseballWestco vs Hastings A7 Area Tournament2:45 PMPodcast
07/23/2016Legion BaseballPVC vs Ogallala B7 Area Tournament12:15 PMPodcast
07/24/2016Legion BaseballPVC vs Alliance By Area Tournament3:15 PMPodcast
07/26/2016Legion BaseballPVC vs Chadron By Area Tournament Championship4:45 PM