Pro Farmer Tour Finds Average Nebraska Crops

With a update from Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour We get more from Leslie Smith.

After two days in Nebraska, Crop scouts on the western leg of the Pro Farmer crop tour found the state's corn crop to be highly variable. The crop's inconsistent development can be traced back to planting in May and June. Pro Farmer Editor Chip Flory says a rushed planting season is showing up in the crop.

Across eastern Nebraska, scouts found a pretty healthy corn crop with limited disease and insect pressure. This year's the biggest yield factors are cooler than normal temps, the lack of solar energy and delayed planting. Flory says, those factors are holding down yields.

After taking 235 corn samples, Pro Farmer estimates Nebraska's corn crop at 155 bushels, up 17.6 percent over a year ago. The crop is up 7 bushels an acre over the crop tour's three year Nebraska average.

As scouts moved into southeast Nebraska the state's soybean crop was more mature, with greater pod fill and was a more consistent crop. In recording 229 soybean samples in Nebraska, Pro Farmer Editor Chip Flory says the crop tour is estimating a pod count of 1138 in a three by three square. That's down 2% over 3 year average and up 27% over 2012.

On August first USDA forecasted Nebraska's soybean production at 223 million bushels with a yield forecast of 47 bushels an acre. Flory agrees with USDA's projection.

Weather the next couple weeks will determine how this crop's production. Flory says the crop desperately needs moisture and heat units to build bigger beans.

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