Kuckkahn: "More than just numbers" need to be considered from NPPD study

Scottsbluff City Manager Rick Kuckkahn says the city needs to consider more than just the numbers when reviewing an NPPD economic impact study that indicates a proposed meatpacking plant would provide nearly 900 jobs to the community and $34.6 million in payroll.

Kuckkahn says the study did its job in evaluating the proposal submitted by the company but there is much more to consider. Kuckkahn says the secondary impacts of bringing in more people to the community are not addressed in the study which he says "honestly reduce the values". Kuckkahn says that is why the city will need to look at the study "very carefully and sort through it before making any judgements based on that information."

Kuckkahn reiterated the city has the infrastructure to accommodate the plant, and he is updating the council periodically on the city's review. But he says it will take some time for the city to make a recommendation on the proposal.

Kuckkahn also said the L.B. 840 committee will be getting more information on the capitalization behind Future food Energy's proposed meat packing plant.

Kuckkahn says the committee's first review of the plant showed an under-capitalization. But Kuckkahn told KNEB News the first figures presented only accounted for the local investment (approximately 11%) and not the Korean investors that are providing much of the capital.

Kuckkahn says the proper capitalization is important regarding the sustainability of the plant. Kuckkahn says the maximum the committee can provide a company is $500,000 even though the company's initial request was for a million dollars from generating 500 employees.

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