Report: City of Alliance should take over Carhenge

A due-diligence report by Alliance City Manager J-D Cox and Alliance Visitors Bureau director Kevin Howard says the city should take ownership of Carhenge...the junked car replica of Stonehenge about 2 miles to the northeast.

The Friends of Carhenge, which owns the attraction and10-acres surrounding it, offered last December to give it to the city...leading to the study covering all aspects of the idea. Cox says the conclusion is that the city should accept the offer.

The only immediate cost to the city would an outstanding loan of $5,340...which Cox says is small potatoes compared to both the $133,000 assessed value of the land and, more importantly, the positive impact Carhenge has on tourism in Alliance.

The Carhenge report says the attraction broke even last year with $39,000 in revenue, but that insurance would like cost the city an additional $1,000 on insurance and there would be a need to clean the 10-acres, put in safe pathways...estimated at $14,000 for materials...and make upgrades in the future.

The Friends group has already committed to doing one immediate set of upgrades this summer...repainting the cars and placing rock inside the circle.

Cox expects the city council to act on the Friends offer either later this month or next. If the gift is accepted, it would be effective at the start of the new fiscal year on October 1st.

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