Bluffs Council looks again at yard waste pickup

Dave Strang/RRN/KNEB

The Scottsbluff City Council Monday evening was presented a summary overview of sanitation services in the city as they work toward a goal of offering all three sanitation services, including trash, yard waste and single stream recycling to all accounts in the city.

Assistant City Manager Nathan Johnson examined the city's plan, reminding the council and those in attendance that a majority of the city's customers already have roll-out trash containers, and that nearly 70% of those also have curbside pickup of their yard waste. Options given in Johnson's summary included either having all yard waste roll-outs being picked up at curbside, or a "block option out" alternative, with a 51% majority vote need on a block by block basis to opt out.

Around 40 people were in attendance to express their concerns to the council over the requirement to move yard waste containers from the alley to the front curb for pickup. However, Mayor Randy Meininger read a list of comments and opinions of those opposing the change in service that the council had already heard or were aware of. He asked those in attendance to present only any new concerns the council was not aware of. A handful of individuals addressed the council, some repeating the same concerns. A couple of new concerns were brought up. One person mentioned the problem with people concealing yard waste in trash bags and placing it into regular trash containers. Another concern was raised over grass clippings that fall out of the yard waste container when being dumped, leaving grass clippings along the street.

Some of the comments and opinions that were listed included "alleys were built for trash collection", "inefficient process, trucks will now have to go down one side and up the other instead of one pass", "rollout containers will blow around in the wind", "rollout containers are not aesthetically pleasing", "how do you expect me to roll out the container at my age?", "buy smaller trucks", "dont raise my taxes....but pick up my yard waste in the alley", "how do I squeeze the rollout between cars parked in front of my house?"

The council took no action on the matter at Monday night's meeting, referring the it back to staff to examine options the council can look at. Staff will take comments and suggestions and compile a report the council can examine for consideration of possible changes to the current plan.

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