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Amid dire coronavirus warning, Navajo Nation 'hunkered down,' tribal president says

(SANTA FE, N.M.) -- Just days after New Mexico’s governor warned President Trump that she feared the coronavirus could “wipe out” tribal nations, the president of the Navajo Nation told ABC News he believes aggressive measures being taken now will help contain the disease.“We have a shelter-in-place here in Navajo…... Read More

Tornadoes hit South as new storm moves through West with heavy snow

(NEW YORK) -- There were 10 reported tornadoes Tuesday across four states -- Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Some of the worst damage was in southern Alabama and in northern Georgia, where several homes were destroyed.Overall, there were 88 damaging storm reports in five states from Mississippi to South Carolina…... Read More

Delays, despair as pandemic halts family reunification hearings across US

(NEW YORK) -- Nearly every month for the last several years, Darlene has made a 500-mile trek from her home in the Bronx, New York to visit her 4-year-old grandson, Nathaniel, who lives in Detroit.Nathaniel has been in foster care in Michigan since he was an infant. His mother took…... Read More

US coronavirus death toll now over 4,000

(NEW YORK) -- A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has infected more than 859,000 people around the world.Over 178,000 of those patients have recovered from the new respiratory virus, which causes an illness known officially as COVID-19.More than 42,000 people across the globe have died, according to data compiled by…... Read More

EMS on the front lines dealing with 'madness,' sleeping in their cars to avoid infecting their families

(NEW YORK) -- Emergency medical service workers in Queens, New York, described living and working in what amounts to a "war zone" as they seek to help residents during the COVID-19 pandemic."We have thousands of people that are sick. Thousands that are dying," Oren Barzilay, president of FDNY-EMS Local 2507,…... Read More

Las Vegas homeless placed in outdoor parking lot as 'temporary shelter'

(LAS VEGAS) -- As many Americans are told to shelter at home during the coronavirus pandemic, a striking image showing Las Vegas’ homeless lying on the ground of an outdoor parking lot designated as a "temporary shelter" has drawn swift criticism online.The photo shows several homeless people outside the city's…... Read More

With families quarantined together, some police fear rise in domestic violence

(NEW YORK) -- With countless American families cooped up together amid stay-at-home orders for the coronavirus pandemic, some law enforcement officials said they fear an unintended consequence of long-term, close-quarters living: a potential rise in domestic violence incidents.So far there has been only a slight uptick in domestic violence calls…... Read More

School principal shares encouraging coronavirus-related acronym to help students through pandemic

(BEAUMONT, Texas) -- An elementary school principal who had to quickly pivot her school to remote learning amid the novel coronavirus pandemic has implemented an array of tools for students, parents and teachers. She's even created an encouraging acronym out of the word "CORONA."Belinda George, the principal at Homer Drive…... Read More

New York City launches coronavirus portal to assist infected residents

(NEW YORK) -- New York City has launched an online portal that provides residents with information and updates if they or someone they know has contracted the coronavirus.The website, which launched Friday at, allows New Yorkers to self-report confidential information if they or someone they know has contracted the…... Read More

Central Park will be the site of a new hospital for coronavirus patients

(NEW YORK) -- A 68-bed makeshift hospital is expected to open in Central Park on Tuesday in an effort to ease some of the strain on the city's hospitals that have been bombarded with COVID-19 patients.The field hospital in New York City is comprised of 14 tents and will receive…... Read More

Nurse 'terrified' to return to work in ICU after aunt's COVID-19 death

(NEW YORK) -- Hospital workers across the globe who made an oath to save the lives of patients are finding themselves fighting for their own, with increasing numbers of doctors and nurses falling victim to the deadly COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus.Jhoanna Buendia, an intensive-care unit nurse in England, said…... Read More