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  • Mother nature reminds folks of who’s in charge with the weather forecast
  • USMCA is official today
  • More perspective of yesterday’s report.
  • Shortened trade week with markets closing at noon on Thursday
  • Some heave short positions as you compare 2019->2020
  • Demand from China for corn & soybeans
  • Hog disease that has popped up on the news circuit
  • China blocking more countries from shipping meat


Name change for INTL FC Stone.  China & the growing corn deficit, Army worms-is that a concern for China.  Where are we at for Phase One with China…a lot of opposite information.  Progression of the winter wheat harvest.  How are drought areas dealing with harvest?  Early Russian harvest is better then expected.  Bayer has a deal with Round-Up & dicamba.  Hogs & Pigs report out on Thursday.  Update on African Swine Fever


Federal reserve keeps the pedal to the medal and keeps the money flowing which makes the markets happy.   Expecting the USDA to cut some global crops tomorrow while increasing others.  Feel weather wise is dryer in the Midwest, but Kansas & Nebraska as the dry spots.  Crop ratings are still high.  South America is dealing with dryness in Argentina.  Some planting of winter wheat is underway while harvest continues.  Getting slaughter close to year ago levels.  Refilling the pipeline.  Product prices, how long till the consumer sees the price difference?    A lot of product dump in the U.S. as we wait for restaurants to reopen.


Markets are trying to push positive.  Data is starting to show the economy is bouncing back.  More gas purchases.  A rebound started in the month of May.  Dollar is going down, selling treasuring.  All supporting the commodities.  NASDAQ is within 1 ½ % of high.  Dow Jones up roughly 40% of where it was in March.   Exception to all of this is corn as it seems to get shorted.  More buying by China of beans.  Weather pattern & what we are seeing moving forward.    Livestock:  Product prices are in a free fall.  Price fixing in the poultry industry-how did that effect the livestock markets today?

Getting a lot of questions about Hong Kong and the assessment & what will happen from that assessment.  Will it affect Phase One?  Brazil corn on what is being heard.  Acre numbers & prevent plant…recent crop progress numbers, no big surprise.  Are there some weather worries?  Black Sea update with rains & damage.  Livestock-where are we at on processing capacity?  June cattle moves about the 100-day moving average for the first time in 4 months.