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  • JBS employees walk off the job on Friday
  • Decent cash cattle sales last week
  • More optimism on the cattle
  • First time in 8 weeks cash is higher than formulated
  • Boxed beef could see some slipping again this week
  • Exports not great this time of year anyways for cattle but good for hogs
  • Deferred cattle are undervalued
  • Hogs-weights have been coming down on the hogs.
  • Rained more than many had expected
  • Weather is taking center stage for corn & beans

Cattle market has some bearish feel to the trade.  Nothing exciting in the cash cattle market.  Will we see boxed beef continue to drop?  What about all the meat that is “sitting around”?  Beef lower, cash lower, Latest inquiry from the Justice Department.  60 days yet of muddy waters to get through.  Pork exports ALL TIME high.  Are we building premium into the back months?  Friendly to the grains.