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The last week of January is starting and the Sunday overnight trade has been a mixed bag with most markets dipping lower and trying to return higher in the early morning hours.

Equities will try to spark more rally as the Biden Administration should take more steps to get another round of fiscal stimulus into the economy. Economic data is light with no scheduled reports on the week. The 4th quarter GDP estimate will be out on Thursday. The 3rd quarter estimate showed how resilient the US economy with a growth estimate of 33.4%. The surge was most contributed by fewer covid restrictions in the summer. The 4th quarter US GDP estimate is 4.6%. Still a significant growth given the challenges the economy has seen.

Grains are still contending with last week’s sell off or liquidation. It has some wondering if the highs are in for the first part of 2021. A seasoned trader stated, nobody rings a bell in Chicago when the high is hit. There is no definitive way to know whether the high is behind us or still ahead of us.

Starting the week grains saw a selloff in the overnight trade with plenty of sell orders still sitting ready from the Friday close. The selling though was exhausted and grains were able to come closer to unchanged by the morning pause.  World Weather Inc. predicts, a good mix of rain and sunshine over the next two weeks for central and northern areas of Argentina. Southern areas of Argentina will miss out on rain, World Weather Inc expects many areas should get at least enough precipitation to slow the drying trend. No broad-based problem with moisture shortages are presently anticipated in key crop areas, but a few areas in southwestern Buenos Aires and southern La Pampa will be a little too dry. Conditions are also generally favorable for crops in Brazil, with the driest areas outside of primary corn and soybean producing areas.

There is little data at the beginning of the week for the start of South American harvest. The latest news last week was that harvest was off to a slow start, but was getting underway.

Argentina is still contending with a trucker strike that started almost immediately after it was able to settle the oilseed worker strike. Stone X’s Argentina team reported that there was just 10% of normal truck traffic into Argentina ports last week. That does not help get the crop to the ports and may keep China taking delivery of US soybeans. USDA did not announce any flash sales Monday morning.

As for the Black Sea. Ukraine’s Economy Ministry upped their corn estimates for 2020/21 from 29.3 MMT to 30.3 MMT and corn exports from 22.3 MMT to 23.5 MMT.

Livestock look to open the week with volatility. The cattle on feed report last week showed higher placements than the average analyst estimate. That could take some initial negativity to the market, but overall the report was neutral to expected. There is also winter weather in much of the Midwest that may slow livestock movement and typically is supportive of futures.

You can check out the cattle on feed report here:


There was a lot of social media chatter over the weekend from meat whole sellers that supplies continue to tighten and that cattle may be finally coming current from the two major disruptions in 2019 and 2020. With covid practices in place slaughter rates have been about 98% of what they were a year ago.

Cash cattle started to trade in Kansas and Texas Wednesday after the Fed cattle exchange with live cattle trading at $110. Dressed trade followed suite in the North on Thursday ranging $169-$173. Both live and dressed prices continue to be about steady to $1 lower than last week. There was just light clean up trade on Friday. The majority of cash trade took place on Wednesday and Thursday.

For the week ending January 16, 2021, Imported Beef Passed for Entry in the U.S. totaled 37,856, 110.43% of the previous week and 124.93% of the 4-week average.

Expected Slaughter numbers Monday

118,000 hd today Holiday hd wk ago  122,451 hd yr ago


497,000 hd today Holiday ago 498,769 hd yr ago

Midday Carcass Value  Monday


Choice up 2.96 225.78

Select up 2.03 215.37

C/S Spread 10.41

Loads 46


Carcass dn 0.37 82.46

Bellies dn 9.04 123.51

Loads 174

Grain Settlements

  • Corn up 4 1/2 -11 1/4
  • Soybeans up 18 1/4 – 31 3/4
  • Chicago up 9 – 14
  • Kansas City up 11 3/4 – 14
  • Livestock Settlements
  • Live Cattle dn 0.20 up 0.42
  • Feeder Cattle dn 0.70 up 1.87
  • Lean Hogs up 0.47 – 0.70
  • Class III Milk dn 0.43 -0.48


Pre-Opening Market Broker Commentary

Mark Gold, Top Third Ag Marketing, saw a choppy overnight trade. Grains will try to recover from last Friday’s selloff.

Jerry Stowell, Country Futures,  looks at what may impact the livestock futures today. Livestock may see a volatile day of trade with cattle on feed data and winter weather in the Midwest.

Mike Zuzolo, Global Commodity Analytics, takes a look at the midday trade. Grains are making a productive turn around on positive export inspections.

John Payne, Daniel’s Ag Marketing, takes a closer look at today’s grain close. Grains sell off sharply, but Payne see’s opportunity ahead. No John Payne 1-25

Jack Fenske, York Commodities, looks at the closing market numbers. Fenske expects grains to now trade in their established ranges.

  • Why the down markets the past two days?
  • What is the takeaway?
  • What’s going on in SA weather & their crops
  • Latest with wheat, but they are pulled down by corn & beans
  • Are there more export taxes being talked about?
  • Money supply in the long term
  • Cattle futures disappointed in Texas trade
  • Hogs pushed some green on the screen

  • Input cost worries?
  • Tough day in the grains with lower prices
  • Huge news week in the U.S. & globally
  • With all this outside influence how is that effecting our markets
  • What goes up has to come down once & awhile
  • Mixed livestock cattle trade
  • Lower hogs

  • Crop report
  • Trying to find levels to ration
  • South American weather
  • Harvest progress in South America
  • Russia trying to slow down quotas
  • Livestock structure is changing due to high prices grain
  • Contract highs on the livestock
  • Markets are closed Monday…but the rest of the world is trading


  • How did today’s trade surprise?
  • Strong farmer selling…lines at the elevators
  • How has the basis changed in the past couple of days?
  • Could we continue to go up?
  • South American weather
  • Ethanol demand?
  • Are the grain markets overbought?
  • Cattle…where are things at & why not a better run?

Higher priced corn early in the week brought some emotion into  the trade.  Will we see cattle sell quicker?  Demand for meat both in home & at restaurants has been good.  This weeks Cattle Call looks at this and more with Brad Kooima.