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  • What is the current driving force in the markets?
  • What role are the funds currently playing in the corn and soybean markets?
  • How does a weather market normally progress?
  • What are you expecting for changes in the WASDE report for corn?
  • Are you expecting much for changes the WASDE report for soybeans?


Farm Partners Topics Discussed:  – The current state of the corn/soybean market – Pressure from South America for the soybean crop – Safrinha corn crop condition  – Spring bounce for row crops  – corn/soybean export pace  – Ethanol demand – Bottom Line: What will it take for the markets to move higher from here?


How did the US numbers look in the WASDE report? Was there any surprises in the world numbers in the WASDE report? Will the corn demand for ethanol need to be lowered more down the road?  How does the export demand look for corn and soybeans? Do you think the crop is on pace to achieve the trend line yields for corn and soybeans?  Will there be much for adjustments in corn and soybean acres down the road? How does the corn and soybean markets look from a technical perspective? What will it take for the markets to move higher from here?  How does the weather look to you going forward? What would you do with unsold old and new crop corn and soybeans?