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Funds are liquidating during the day trade after liquidating overnight.  Buy corn/sell beans is the feel.  Weather is the market right.  No major signs of drought in the Midwest.  Crop progress info out later this afternoon.  Southwest Kansas dry but not drought dry.  Brazil should be releasing final bean & corn estimates.  Shouldn’t be a surprise to see a large number of soybeans & unchanged on the corn.  S&D Report comes out on Thursday.  Not a lot of replant going on across the U.S.  we need the problems to adjust the markets, but we must live in reality.   Ethanol margins remain stable.



Markets are trying to push positive.  Data is starting to show the economy is bouncing back.  More gas purchases.  A rebound started in the month of May.  Dollar is going down, selling treasuring.  All supporting the commodities.  NASDAQ is within 1 ½ % of high.  Dow Jones up roughly 40% of where it was in March.   Exception to all of this is corn as it seems to get shorted.  More buying by China of beans.  Weather pattern & what we are seeing moving forward.    Livestock:  Product prices are in a free fall.  Price fixing in the poultry industry-how did that effect the livestock markets today?